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An expert’s guide to storing Disney Pixar collectibles

Storing valuable Pixar memorabilia

Following the release of the latest Pixar sequel ‘Inside Out 2’, we wanted to take a look at collectible Disney Pixar items people have kept stored over the years to see which movie’s merchandise can command the highest value.

Having already researched more general childhood items which may be worth a small fortune, we wanted to look at a specific franchise and see which movies hold the most power and offer our customers advice for storing their collectibles.

Disney and Pixar movies have left an indelible mark on each generation’s childhood. With every era comes a unique array of collectible memorabilia. It’s no wonder that their associated merchandise can command significant prices in the resale market.

If you happen to own items that you suspect might be valuable, it’s essential to preserve them carefully and conduct thorough research to gauge their online resale worth. Keep an eye out for limited-edition pieces, as they tend to fetch particularly high prices.

Preserving Collectibles: Toys & Merchandise

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, keeping your beloved toys and memorabilia in top-notch condition is essential. Here are some practical tips to ensure your treasures stand the test of time:

Choosing the Right Storage Containers

Selecting suitable containers is crucial. For vintage toys, action figures and other collectibles, avoid direct sunlight, humidity, and extreme temperatures. Consider keeping them in their original packaging, then wrap them in plastic before placing them inside an archive box or sturdy plastic container. This protective layer helps prevent dust, moisture and accidental damage.

Organising Your Collection

The last thing a collector wants is to walk into your storage area and be greeted by a chaotic jumble of merchandise items. Take the time to categorise your collection. Whether it’s by theme, era or franchise, organising your items makes them visually appealing and easier to access. You might use bins, shelves or display cases to keep everything tidy.

Controlling Temperature and Humidity

Extreme temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on collectibles. Aim for a stable environment by storing your treasures in a climate-controlled space. Avoid damp basements or sweltering attics. If you’re serious about preserving your items, invest in a dehumidifier and keep an eye on the thermostat. Depending on the item type and the size of your collection, you may want to look at offsite home storage to keep your items safe and secure.

Shielding from Light Damage

Light exposure can fade colours and degrade materials over time. Keep your collectibles away from direct sunlight. If possible, store them in a dark or low-light area. Consider using UV-resistant glass or acrylic display cases for valuable pieces.

Gentle Handling

No matter how careful you might be, fingerprints can leave marks and items are at risk of being dropped. Limit physical contact of your most precious collectibles to prevent damage from natural oils on your fingers. If you’re handling delicate items, ideally wear cotton gloves. Treat your collectibles like the treasures they are.

Insurance & Security

Your collection holds sentimental and financial value. If you have an impressive collection you may want to consider insurance coverage. Document your items with photos and detailed descriptions. Store this information digitally or in a secure physical location. Additionally, consider security measures like locked display cabinets if you are keeping items of high value in a less secure location.

Disney Pixar Collectibles of Value

As we have previously mentioned, Disney and Pixar films hold a special place in the hearts of generations. Their collectibles have become items of valuable interest. We wanted to explore some valuable Disney and Pixar memorabilia that could be worth thousands online, so we analysed online marketplaces to find some of the highest value items.

1. Toy Story – limited edition Pizza Planet Truck – £1,700

From its debut in the original ‘Toy Story’ film, the Pizza Planet truck has etched itself into cinematic history. This iconic vehicle has been faithfully replicated from the big screen into a lifelike replica model, with an impressive price tag to match.

Pre-loved versions of the memorable pizza truck model, seen across several Pixar movies throughout the years, can fetch up to £1,700 on online marketplaces. If you happen to stumble upon this Toy Story gem within your collection, consider yourself lucky, it could be a slice of gold for fans of the franchise.

2. Pixar – replica lamp – £433

Synonymous with the renowned studio, the Pixar lamp is an iconic symbol of many childhoods, especially for those who loved the first few ‘Toy Story’ movies. Not everyone has been able to own this symbol of digital animation history in real life, however, and models of the lamp are difficult to find for purchase online. Several online marketplace listings prove that if you happen to have an official Pixar lamp for sale, you can expect to list this for up to £433.

Disney Pixar desk lamp

3. Inside Out – Funko Pop! Bing Bong – £786

Funko Pop! characters have become addictive collectibles for fans of dozens of different franchises, with Pixar being no exception. Interestingly, some of these figures have become rarer finds and therefore sell for significantly higher amounts online. From the Pixar movie Inside Out, you’d expect a lead character to be the highest in demand but it’s actually the lesser featured Bing Bong who commands the highest fee online for its figure, a whopping £786.

4. Cars – Hot Wheels motor speedway set – £2,126

It’s been 18 years since the first Cars movie was released and since then the franchise has gathered a cult following. Movie sequels and notable features in Disney theme parks have led to select merchandise from Cars to sell for high sums online. This Hot Wheels collaboration set is listed for an impressive £2,126 online and featured 36 characters from the beloved films.

Disney Pixar Cars model toy from storage

5. Toy Story – Loungefly army men sequin backpack – £1,890

Combining one of Pixar’s most popular franchises with Disney’s collectible Loungefly bags has led to some highly sought after merchandise amongst Toy Story fans. There are hundreds of Loungefly bags in stores to choose from, however, some are much rarer to get hold of, meaning higher resale prices online. This Toy Story camouflage print Loungefly bag is a rarer edition and is selling for around £1,890 online.

6. Monster’s Inc. – Loungefly character print backpack – £1,220

Monster’s Inc. is another Pixar franchise which has stood the test of time, leading to it’s corresponding merchandise still being in high demand in 2024. There are a range of Loungefly bags associated with the hit movies, however, this Monster’s inc. character print edition is one of the hardest to source, listed for up to £1,220 on online marketplaces.

7. Ratatouille – Chef Remy utensil holder – £780

It isn’t just toys and bags which are sought after by Pixar collectors, homeware and kitchen items can also fetch a decent sum. Inspired by the hit movie Ratatouille, this utensils holder featured beloved character Chef Remy and is listed for £780 online. There is a range of kitchen items themed around the food-themed movie, but only some items can command high resale value.

We hope you find this advice helpful for assessing the value of any stored Pixar memorabilia you might have. Many collectors use our storage facilities and we love to hear their success stories! We provide clean, dry, secure indoor storage for Nuneaton, Tamworth, Hinckley and the surrounding areas. You can click one of the following links to see more: