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Simple, Effective Steps to Help Sell Your Home

Getting Ready to Sell Your Home? Great! It’s time to prepare your property for the market and Extra Room Self Storage have compiled some simple steps to help sell your home… We’ve included everything to help make the sale process as quick and stress free as possible. There’s clear, straightforward tips as well as affordable…
House for sale in Nuneaton
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Why Tamworth is a Top Town to Live And Work In

Tempted to move to Tamworth? You’re not alone. The Staffordshire market town named after the River Tame that flows through it, is experiencing an upsurge in popularity from both home movers and businesses relocating. There are many good reasons for living and working in the Tamworth area, a town recently cited by The Guardian as…
Tamworth Castle
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What’s Being Built at The Redgate?

If you’re regular users of the A5 & A444, you may have noticed construction work going on at The Redgate junction. This is all part of exciting expansion plans for Extra Room Self Storage. The site was formally occupied by Countrywide Farmers before it went into administration. Extra Room are delighted to be breathing new…
Redgate Self Storage Centre Nuneaton
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How Safe Are Self Storage Units

This is the first question potential self storage users should ask as reputable self storage providers make security their number one priority; and this certainly applies to facilities here at Extra Room Self Storage.  So, ‘How safe are storage units?’. Although self storage has come a long way since the days ‘anyone with a shed’…
Nuneaton self storage security
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8 Reasons Why People Love Self Storage

There are many reasons why people love self storage. The craze really started in the US but it seems that the UK is also turning into a nation of self storage fans, as more and more of us experience the benefits of using storage. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re hoarding more (far from it); it…
Reasons why homes and businesses love self storage
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Why People Use Self Storage at Christmas?

December is upon us and Christmas day is fast approaching. That means only one thing: behind the scenes, the elves are out, busy making plans and packing presents for Christmas! Now these wise elves know a thing or two about getting ready for the big day. And they also understand just how handy self storage…
Christmas Self Storage
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Nuneaton is a Great Place to Live, Yes Really!

Nuneaton is a great place to live and has more to offer than you might imagine. Yes, really! As a long-established business offering self storage in Nuneaton we know and love our local town, which incidentally happens to be the largest in Warwickshire.   Most residents who have been born here, or brought-up in Nuneaton,…
Arbury Hall in Nuneaton
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Business Storage – The Benefits Stack Up

In these uncertain economic times, many companies are scrutinising their expenditure carefully, especially those trading in more volatile sectors. Naturally, when spend comes under such scrutiny, so does the pressure to ‘save money’. Some businesses are re-evaluating their infrastructure to reduce overheads, and this may lead to decisions being made to relocate or downsize their…
Business self storage unit
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6 Reasons to Make Hinckley Your Home

The town of Hinckley in Leicestershire has a lot going for it, whether you are resident, have a business based here, or are a visitor to the area. Not wanting to take our local town for granted, Extra Room Self Storage, has put together some good reasons to make Hinckley your home. 1. A Varied…
Welcome to Hinckley
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