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6 Reasons to Make Hinckley Your Home

The town of Hinckley in Leicestershire has a lot going for it, whether you are resident, have a business based here, or are a visitor to the area. Not wanting to take our local town for granted, Extra Room Self Storage, has put together some good reasons to make Hinckley your home. 1. A Varied…
Welcome to Hinckley
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How Self Storage Can Help Break the Housing Chain

Whether buying or selling a property, being part of a housing chain is always a fragile situation. And the more people involved in the chain, the more prone to problems it becomes. If a house sale falls through further up the chain, it can have a domino effect right down the line. That is why…
Breaking the housing chain with self storage
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5 Ways Self Storage Can Help You Relax This Summer

Self storage can really help you get the best out of the seasons, from generating extra storage space at your own property, to providing a safe and secure haven for your valuable, most treasured possessions. Here’s more about how self storage is helping some of our customers this summer: 1. Keeping Valuables Safe While on…
Summer Self Storage
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Long-Term Self Storage

Self storage can sometimes be viewed as a ‘quick fix’ solution for short-term storage need. However, more than half of self storage users store for a year or more. Flexible terms mean that you can store for as long as you want. At Extra Room Self Storage, long-term self storage units are available in over…
Long term self storage
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6 Reasons Why Self Storage Can Make Life Better

Yes, you really did read the headline correctly! If you are new to the world of self storage, and have never used the service before, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about and why on earth new self storage facilities keep appearing around the country. The reason is that self storage can…
Life is better with self storage in Nuneaton
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Archive Storage for Extra Room in your Office

Businesses looking to create some extra office space should consider using secure self storage rooms for storing their physical archives. Think of how handy it would be to have those bulky paper files stored away rather than cluttering the office and how that newly created space could be utilised more efficiently. An additional desk perhaps…
Inside a document archive self storage unit
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Back to School, Back to Storage

We know it’s a very British trait to talk about the weather, but we can’t help reflecting on the long hot (and very dry) summer of 2018. As the days become cooler and the nights draw in, we are reminded that autumn is fast approaching and it’s back to school for many children. With the…
Tamworth children running to school
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Downsizing with Self Storage

People choose to downsize their homes for many different reasons. It can be because the children have ‘flown the nest’ or circumstances change, when it becomes apparent that there is no longer need for such a large property. It may be to pay off a mortgage or for other financial reasons, or through retirement or…
Downsizing your house in Nuneaton?
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7 Good Reasons to Use Household Storage

The need for more storage space in the home is on many a wish list. Moving into a new spacious home seems great to start with, but it’s not long before we fill shelves, cupboards, and spare bedrooms. It’s not just indoors either where extra space is often needed. Think of all those garden sheds…
Household Self Storage Unit
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