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How Safe Are Self Storage Units

Nuneaton self storage security

This is the first question potential self storage users should ask as reputable self storage providers make security their number one priority; and this certainly applies to facilities here at Extra Room Self Storage

So, ‘How safe are storage units?’. Although self storage has come a long way since the days ‘anyone with a shed’ thought they could offer it, care still needs to be taken when choosing a storage provider because standards vary.

It’s always wise to use a member of the Self Storage Association (SSA UK) as members are required to maintain industry standards and procedures and follow strict security guidelines and codes of practice. Just look out for the SSA logo on the website and at the storage facility itself.

Security at Extra Room Self Storage

The security of our stores and customers’ possessions is paramount.

At Extra Room we have multiple layers of security:

  1. The whole site is fenced and gated.
  2. The building is locked and alarmed.
  3. Lighting is motion-activated.
  4. The site is covered by both internal and external CCTV.
  5. Storage rooms are individually locked and alarmed with PIN code entry.
  6. Onsite personnel.

Over the years, Extra Room Self Storage has made significant investment in the latest surveillance and security systems to give our customers the peace of mind that their possessions are being stored in a safe and secure environment.

It’s not just a matter of securing possessions either.

Personal Security

We want our customers to feel safe too, which is why we have well-lit, motion activated, interior LED lighting as well as extensive exterior lighting to avoid dark spots and deter trespassing. Our well-maintained, modern facilities are manned by experienced, professional staff who are on hand to give assistance if required.

Many storage facilities are only manned on a part-time basis, which can make them feel like desolate warehouses or container sites. The last thing you want is to feel vulnerable if you visit alone. We offer a friendly, family atmosphere which our customers find reassuring.

Location plays a part in security too. While we’re easy to access, we’re not located in the centre of a town or an industrial estate – both are statistically more exposed to crime and may feel less safe.

Intruder Alarms

At Extra Room, we continually update CCTV and alarm systems as technology becomes more and more powerful, maintaining the very best in digital CCTV surveillance and alarms. Our high-tech CCTV system currently incorporates 40 cameras both inside and outside our buildings, monitoring activity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This delivers uninterrupted surveillance and provides us with high quality footage.

Further security comes in the form of sophisticated intruder alarm systems which are connected to the emergency services. Storage units have individual padlocks for security and customers hold on to their own key while they are using our service to reduce any risk of it getting into the ‘wrong hands’.

Fire Alarms

It goes without saying that ‘prevention’ is the watchword here. We strictly prohibit the storing of any combustible, flammable or explosive items such as oil, paint, gas cylinders, cleaning solvents and fireworks.

Our modern facilities have the latest smoke and fire detection systems and the alarm system is connected to the fire service.  All our fire monitoring equipment is regularly checked, maintained and replaced when necessary.

What are the Alternatives?

One of the main alternatives to indoor self storage is outdoor container storage. There are a number of downsides to container storage but one of the most significant is security.

While container sites will usually be fenced and individual containers locked, the containers are not alarmed. If the site perimeter is breached, the padlock to the container can be cut off or the metal shell to the container cut open with no alarms being set off.

Another issue is that container yards are often on isolated plots of land or industrial estates, where there will very few people around after office hours. Worse still, many container sites are only manned by staff part time but are accessible 24/7.

Compared to the multiple layers of security that indoor self storage units offer, there’s no comparison for protecting your property.

So, in answer to the question, ‘How Safe are Self Storage Units?’, the answer to that is, ‘very safe at Extra Room Self Storage’. It’s our goal to set the benchmark for the self storage industry to safeguard you and your possessions when you use our facilities. Something we’ve successfully achieved for thousands of customers for over 15 years. 

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