8 Reasons Why People Love Self Storage

by Louise Wishart

Reasons why homes and businesses love self storage

There are many reasons why people love self storage. The craze really started in America but it seems that the UK is also turning into a nation of ‘storage unit’ fans, as more and more of us experience the benefits of using a storage service. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re hoarding more (far from it); it means we’re being smarter when it comes to storing, and how it can improve our personal and working lives.

If you have never used self storage before and aren’t sure what it is or how it works here are just a few reasons why people love it.

1) Extra Space at Home or Work

This is the primary reason for using self storage. By renting a unit, you can free up space in your home or office. Reclaiming space at home or work can bring many practical benefits. Rooms can be cleared to make way for new purposes such as a home office, a hobby room, dressing room, or a guest bedroom, to name but a few. You can even turn a garage back into….. well….. a garage! Yes, you can ‘dream big’ with self storage without having to move or extend the home (or office for that matter).

2) Keep Items Safe

Another reason why people love self storage is the added security it brings. Industry accredited storage providers, such as Extra Room Self Storage, offer very secure facilities. They deploy the highest levels of security, such as 24 hour CCTV surveillance and alarm systems linked to the emergency services.

Facilities are very often more secure than garages, garden sheds and many homes and offices making them suitable for storing items of value, whether these are personal possessions or stock for business. Rooms are clean and temperature and humidity controlled too – what’s not to love about that?!

3) Decluttering for Better Organisation

We are told that decluttering can be good for getting our lives organised, reducing stress and improving time management. Feeling more ‘in control’ is deemed better for our mental health and it can also make us more efficient. There’s no doubt that improved productivity delivers many benefits.

Decluttering can be simply clearing out a cupboard or wardrobe; it doesn’t have to be an entire room. Some items can, of course, be binned or recycled but some people find renting a small self storage room a handy alternative if they don’t want to part with items but want to make space at home.

People love self storage because they like the flexibility of room sizes. They range from as small as a locker to as large as you wish. There is also 7 day access available if you need to get to something. In effect the storage unit becomes an organised extension to your own home.

4) Downsizing the Home

It’s common for people to store items when downsizing homes. The children may have ‘flown the nest’ but that doesn’t mean parting with all your sentimental family possessions.

Self storage is the perfect affordable solution, allowing you to live comfortably in a smaller home while still hanging onto the things you love.

It’s affordable and flexible, and ultimately buys you time to sort out what you want to keep and what you want to eventually part with.

5) Working from Home

There are some 4 million people who regularly work from home in the UK. The advent of e-commerce means that there are more individuals running online retail businesses from home, and many will confess to filling the spare bedroom, attic or garage with stock. But equally, there are many more who are reaping the benefits of using self storage for storing their stock

They love the many self-store benefits – they can upsize or downsize their units as they need to; access their stock as and when they please; and have the peace of mind that their valuable products are being stored securely.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be stock items. Storage space is regularly used for archiving business documents or storing office equipment, brochures or product samples. Any business-related item that takes up unnecessary space in the home.

Similarly, tradespeople use self storage for securely storing their tools and equipment because it is much more secure than leaving it in their garages or vans overnight. Most stores will also accept deliveries for you and text or e-mail when they arrive. This saves you the time and hassle of waiting in for a delivery when you could be getting on with a job.

6) Storage Space in a Hurry

Sometimes life throws us unexpected dilemmas and we suddenly find ourselves needing extra storage space in a hurry. People love self storage for this very reason.

Storage rooms are very often available instantly, which makes them an ideal solution for both short and long-term storage. This can happen during a house move; for DIY and renovation work; taking delivery of bulky items such as furniture; inheriting family heirlooms, and so on.

The great thing about self storage is that you’re not tied to any onerous contracts and have the flexibility to upsize or downsize your unit, quickly and easily. You can store for a few days, a few months, or even a few years – the choice is yours.

7) Storing Valuables Whilst on Holiday

Home security while on holiday is a matter we all take seriously. Self storage can be used on a short-term basis to ensure that your valuables are safe, leaving you to relax and enjoy your holiday. This could be as small as a locker for safely storing life’s important documents.

8) Self Storage for Saving Money

While renting a storage unit does cost money (although it’s probably much more affordable than you think) there are many ways you can benefit financially. For example, renting a self storage room costs less than moving to a larger property or going through the hassle and expense of building an extension.

Similarly, each year thousands of people store possessions whilst they move in with family for a while. This is often borne out of necessity to help save up for a deposit to buy a house and break away from rental market.

Businesses also often use self storage to save on the cost of moving or renting larger premises when part of the expense is simply for storage. Using a storage service is an instant solution to gaining additional, affordable and accessible storage space.

These are just a few reasons why people love self storage – there are many, many more.

Whatever your reason to store your property, we’d be delighted to help. If you’re looking for self storage in Nuneaton, Hinckley or Tamworth, then call Extra Room Self Storage for helpful, experienced advice.

We are a privately managed, family business offering premium quality, easily accessible, secure self storage facilities at affordable prices. We have modern, secure, temperature and humidity-controlled premises, with a full range of supporting services to make your self storage experience, one you will simply love. Please click here for an online quote.

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