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Archive Storage for Extra Room in your Office

Inside a document archive self storage unit

Businesses looking to create some extra office space should consider using secure self storage rooms for storing their physical archives.

Think of how handy it would be to have those bulky paper files stored away rather than cluttering the office and how that newly created space could be utilised more efficiently.

An additional desk perhaps for someone to work at, or just some much-needed open space to make the workplace tidier, creating an inspiring environment that is conducive to clear thinking and productivity.

Having a dedicated, secure space for your archive files can also help with organisation and GDPR compliance.

Making the Most of Your Office Space

Bearing in mind that the majority of office space is rented, getting the most out of every square metre makes commercial sense. This is especially true if your premises are located in more premium-priced areas, such as a city or town centre for example.

Furthermore, an organised office very often has a ripple effect within a business. From boosting efficiencies to supporting customer service, it plays a pivotal role in the success of any company.

It also encourages staff to take pride in their place of work, and is proven to boost employee wellbeing and morale.

Solicitors, accountants, architects, estate agents, bookkeepers, insurers, tax advisors, consultants, schools, doctors surgeries, care homes, manufacturers, construction companies – lots of industries produce lots of paperwork and can and do benefit from self storage for offsite archive storage.

Office Archive Storage

Obviously, when storing archive files offsite, document security is a top priority. When using reputable self storage services, such as those offered by Extra Room Self Storage, you have the peace of mind that our units are secure in a facility equipped with sophisticated surveillance and detection technology. Our site is monitored around-the-clock by digital CCTV and equipped with intruder/smoke alarms linked directly to the emergency services.

If you are in the process of choosing a self storage supplier, always use a company that is a member of the Self Storage Association UK, which has a code of practice in place including strict security guidelines.

Self storage for archiving is rather like having an offsite filing room to which you have your own key. You are free to come and go as you please. As your room is private to you and your chosen representatives only it is also compliant with your GDPR commitments.

Our modern, clean rooms at Extra Room Self Storage are temperature and humidity controlled. This is an important consideration as it helps to preserve the lifespan of paper, protecting it from deterioration. If company documents need to be retained for legal or evidential reasons, then ensuring they are being stored in the right ambient conditions is imperative.

As well as clean, dry, secure storage, if required, Extra Room Self Storage can also supply cardboard archive boxes, transportation, and specialist shelving to keep your space organised.

Trolleys are available for transferring your archives into your dedicated self storage room, and we have covered bays for unloading vehicles, which means that even on a cold, wet day, you and your archive contents will stay dry.

Organising Your Files

Planning your storage room is everything, especially when it comes to archive storage. We recommend that you devise a system before you start moving into your self storage room.

Whether you mark them by year, by project name, or some other system, number each box and set up a simple record system on your computer. Then, if you do need to retrieve a file, you can easily identify the right box.

Certain documents should be destroyed after specific periods of time, and you’ll need a retention plan in place for such records, especially those that have personal, sensitive, or confidential information. We can help you with a confidential shredding service if required.

If you are on a space-saving mission and really want to make the most of your self storage space, then removing documents from ring binders can save space. The paperwork can then either be placed in box, or use cardboard wallet folders instead.

You may even choose to have filing cabinets in your self storage room, and if you do this, you just need to ensure the drawers have sufficient space to open fully. There will also be space available on top of the filing cabinets to store archive boxes if required.

Access & Distance from Your Office

Your key or PIN code is unique to your allocated storage room. You and your chosen representatives will have free access to your room. You don’t have to book a slot to visit.

While your first thought might be to find the closest storage unit to your office, in fact this may be the least important consideration.

Many industries need to store files long-term but access them only very occasionally. Some of our customers only visit once a year to add new files and dispose of old ones.

Whilst most of our clients are based locally, on the A5 corridor, for example Nuneaton, Tamworth, Hinckley, Atherstone, and Lutterworth. Many are further afield from the cities of Coventry, Leicester, and Birmingham. Choosing a storage operator outside the town or city centre will result in the benefit of significantly lower costs that outweigh the distance to go for the occasional file.

Temporary or Long-Term Storage

The other point to make about self storage is that the service is very flexible. You are under no obligation to enter long-term contracts, and you can use the service for as long or as short a period as you deem necessary.

You may be moving to new offices or undertaking an office refurbishment, and consequently only need short-term archive storage, which makes self storage a practical solution.

Or, it may be that self storage is needed on a long-term basis which is fine too. The choice really is yours, and you can change your mind at any time!

Upsize or Downsize Your Storage as Required

Another benefit of self storage is that not only are the terms flexible but so is the space.

If you outgrow your storage room, then don’t worry because you can either move to a larger unit or rent an additional room as necessary. Similarly, there is the option to downsize too if you feel you have too much space.

More to Store Than Just Archive Files?

Of course, self storage rooms can also be used to store other office items. Our business storage clients use our facilities to store a wide range of goods. For example, exhibition and promotional materials, office furniture, equipment that is not regularly needed, and other items such as seasonal stock. Again, it frees up office space for other uses.

We can also accommodate pallet storage too and forklifts are available for loading and unloading consignments.

Get in Touch to Find Out More

At Extra Room Self Storage, our experienced, friendly team can support you with all business storage and archiving needs.

Please contact us to arrange a visit to our facilities and learn more about our flexible and affordable archive storage solutions ideal for businesses across the Midlands, including self storage Tamworth, Nuneaton, Hinckley, Atherstone and Lutterworth as well as businesses in the surrounding cities needing archive storage including Coventry, Leicester, and Birmingham.