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Downsizing with Self Storage

Downsizing your house in Nuneaton?

People choose to downsize their homes for many different reasons. It can be because the children have ‘flown the nest’ or circumstances change, when it becomes apparent that there is no longer need for such a large property.

It may be to pay off a mortgage or for other financial reasons, or through retirement or simply the urge to relocate to pastures new.

Of course, the larger the property, the more expensive and time-consuming it generally is to maintain, and this is the catalyst for many a house move.

It’s also common now for parents to choose to downsize to help their children get onto the property ladder. The list of reasons for downsizing goes on and for many in this position it makes sound financial and practical sense.

Self Storage To The Rescue!

While the reasons for downsizing the family home may be diverse, there’s generally one common concern that affects all those who go through this process. How will we find space for everything?!

This is where self storage can really come to the rescue. A recent survey showed that more than 40% of people use self storage in Nuneaton, Tamworth and Hinckley simply because they haven’t got enough room at home.

Reduced space through downsizing doesn’t have be a problem if used in conjunction with self storage services. Having your own self storage room or unit is just like having an additional bedroom or garage for storing possessions. For many, this is often more cost-effective than buying a larger property, simply because of a need for storage space.

It’s also more flexible because you can rent your storage unit for as long or as short a period as you need. Similarly, you can upsize or downsize if your requirements change.

Accessible, Cost-Effective Space

At Extra Room Self Storage, you have your own key to your own room, giving you the freedom to come and go as you please. And, as we have storage units that are accessible seven days a week, this makes the service a convenient option for many. We can help you calculate the right size of room to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can use our handy online space estimator.

Plan how you are going to store your goods before moving into storage. Any items you may need to reach first, or more frequently, should be stacked near the door. Storage rooms can be piled high with goods if you want to maximise your storage space, but you may want to leave yourself some room for manoeuvre. You also don’t want your items so compacted that they get damaged.

Total Peace of Mind

We can provide any advice or assistance you need in planning your self storage room, or how best to stack certain items; sofas for example can be stored on their ends to save floor space and wardrobes can be used to hang clothes or store other items inside.

We also offer shelving and racking as optional extras so you can really make the most of your self storage space. Downsizing is a great excuse not to have a spare room for all that clutter and does wonders for the mind when it comes to feeling more organised!

The other point to make when considering self storage in Hinckley is security. Reputable self storage companies, such as Extra Room Self Storage, have robust security in place to create a secure environment for your treasured possessions.

CCTV surveillance, intruder alarms, and individually locked rooms are standard for all self storage customers. When you think about crime figures, it is very often safer to store in a purpose-built unit rather than at home.

Less Stress & More Time

In our experience, customers who have downsized their homes very often feel that self storage has been their salvation. Moving home is a pressure in itself, but having to make decisions about parting with possessions that have been in the family home for decades is an altogether more difficult and emotional proposition.

Self storage buys extra time. It helps you to make more rational decisions in terms of what to keep and what to part with. If you want self storage on a long-term basis, you can keep your goods in store indefinitely so you don’t have to part with anything if you don’t want to. This is especially useful if you have sentimental family heirlooms. Or bulky furniture or equipment you can’t fit into your new, smaller home.

Many customers in this position choose to start transferring some of their possessions into storage ahead of the move. It’s a good idea because it frees up space in the home for packing and can reduce the volume of items that need to be moved to the new home. It can, in some cases, even help to reduce removal costs.

Safe, Sound & Secure

If you haven’t used self storage before, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the rooms and quality of the buildings. This is especially true of professional stores that are members of the UK Self Storage Association (SSA).

At Extra Room Self Storage, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our self storage units. For additional peace of mind, they’re also temperature and humidity controlled, alarmed and monitored 24/7.

We can even help with removals and van hire to move your goods into storage if needed.

If you are in the process of downsizing your home and you’re interested in finding out how self storage can help, please get in touch. Midlands based Extra Room Self Storage provides self storage solutions to customers across Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire.