How to Make the Most of Your Self Storage Space

February 4, 2018 by Mark Simpson

Furniture Storage Unit in Nuneaton

We always advise that you plan how you are going to fill your storage unit before you start loading your goods. It is well worth getting some guidance from a member of staff at your self storage facility.

At Extra Room Self Storage we’ve helped thousands of people move their belongings into an array of our storage units in Nuneaton and many other locations, so we’ve almost always got some ideas on the best way to store your belongings.

If you have time, make a list and identify those items that you are most likely to need whilst in storage. These should be stacked in a place within easy reach, preferably near the door. Think about whether you need to create a walkway or passage around your storage room, but always make sure it is safe to do so.

Think Vertically

Storage rooms and units offer much more than floor space. Providing boxes are strong enough to take the weight, they can be stacked high right up to the ceiling. Sofas and beds, for example, are often best stored on their ends to make use of the height. Chairs can very often be stacked seat to seat.

People are always surprised how much they can fit into a relatively small storage unit. Think Dr Who’s Tardis but without the time travel!

Largest and Heaviest First

It sounds obvious, but always place your largest and heaviest items into storage on the ground to create a base layer. This means that you can stack lighter things on top and reduce the risk of boxes or goods becoming crushed.

If There’s Space, Use It

Wardrobes, chest of drawers, and other hollow containers can also be filled, so don’t forget to use this space. Leave some clearance if you think you may need to open the doors or drawers though.

Use High-Quality Packaging

A little investment in some high-quality packing materials can help to protect your items. Quality double-walled cardboard boxes or plastic boxes are recommended. They are more robust and offer more protection from crushing if boxes are being stacked on top of each other in your storage unit.

If you can, spend some time packing properly using bubble wrap and packing paper and seal boxes with tape. This will also protect your items during transit to and from storage.

Label Your Boxes

If you don’t clearly label your boxes to describe their contents, it could be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack should you need to retrieve a specific item. The last thing you want to have to do is open boxes and other packaging unnecessarily.

When you load items into storage, make sure the labels are facing the door so you don’t have to turn boxes around to read them. Colour coding can be effective too.

Little Extras Can Make All The Difference

Racking and hanging rails can be a useful addition to a storage unit, especially if you are a business storing stock or equipment that you need to access. At Extra Room Self Storage, we have racking/rails available for rent.

Take Cover

Removal blankets are useful for protecting surfaces from scratching. These thick, heavy-duty woollen blankets can be laid over furniture or wrapped around items for additional padding. To help protect your belongings, Extra Room Self Storage provides removal blankets free of charge to use in your storage unit.

TLC for Special Items

Fragile items such as mirrors and pictures should always be stored upright and ideally be packed in a protective material. Electrical appliances should be clean and thoroughly dried out before being placed into storage, and if they have doors (fridges for example), these should be left ajar to allow for ventilation.

At Extra Room Self Storage, we are here to help you make the most of your storage space. We offer spotlessly clean, secure, indoor storage rooms in a range of sizes within our state-of-the-art facilities ideal for customers needing self storage in NuneatonTamworth, Hinckley, and surrounding areas.

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