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Packaging Tips

Whether you store with us or not, Extra Room Self Storage offers a wide range of boxes and professional packaging materials to help you on your way.

Hassle free moving and efficient use of storage space starts with good packing. Here are some tips worth considering:


Fill boxes to capacity; partially full or bulging cartons may tip or collapse. Using good quality boxes that have the same footprint will make stacking easier and more space efficient.

Heavy items like books should be packed into small boxes so they are easy to lift. You will soon become very tired of moving overweight boxes!


Our boxes have a simple contents table printed on the lid for easy identification. It may also be worth marking a simple label on the sides so that boxes can be identified when in a stack in storage. Mark boxes FRAGILE as necessary. We sell marker pens for just £2.


Empty fridges and freezers and make sure any drawers or shelves are secure. CLEAN and DRY them thoroughly – you’ll regret it if you don’t! Drain and dry your washing machine and dishwasher to avoid spillages in transport and storage. You should also check whether any appliances such as washing machines need any parts securing before travel.

Whilst in storage, the doors of all appliances are best secured slightly ajar.


  • Empty the contents of cupboards into boxes
  • The contents of draws are also best put into boxes or at the very least make sure they are not full of heavy items. This will protect the structure of the furniture when being moved. You can always put things in draws when you’re actually in the storage room
  • Keep hanging garments looking good by emptying wardrobes into wardrobe boxes
  • Where possible take the legs off tables, dismantle beds and disassemble awkward shaped furniture (including garden furniture) that won’t be easy to stack in the storage room. Make sure you keep fixings in a secure, labelled bag
  • Use our settee, chair and mattress covers to prevent them from getting dirty when moving into and out of the removal vehicle
  • Use protective removal blankets to wrap and protect furniture in transport and storage

Dishes, glassware & silver

Place a layer of packing inside the bottom and top of boxes containing breakables. Protect fragile items by wrapping them individually in bubble wrap, acid free tissue paper or newspaper (caution – newsprint can mark). Fill any gaps in the boxes with crumpled paper to prevent items moving around in transit.

Place glasses at the top of boxes to avoid smashing. Make sure the box is labelled as FRAGILE and indicates which way up the box should be stacked.

Wrapping silver in acid free tissue paper can help reduce tarnishing.

Mirrors, windows, screens & paintings

Cover large mirrors and pictures with bubble wrap and / or corrugated cardboard. Store them standing on their edges in an upright position.

Electrical equipment

If possible, pack electrical equipment in their original boxes and pack the smaller items in a box again. Failing this, wrap items in bubble wrap and as far as possible pack them into boxes.

Turntables and tone arms of record players should be secured to prevent damage in transport.

If you don’t have the original box for your FLAT SCREEN TV use bubble wrap and corrugated card to protect the screen.

Battery operated appliances & toys

Batteries are best taken out to avoid damage from leaks.

Mowers & other Machinery

Drain fuel and oil from all machinery. Items containing fuel will NOT be permitted to enter storage.

Bikes etc.

Turn bicycle handlebars sideways (to save space) and cover chains and pedals to stop oil getting onto other things in transport and storage, and to protect neighbouring items from knocks.

We sell a wide range of boxes as well as packaging materials including bubble wrap, acid free tissue paper, removal blankets and tape. For further details and prices please see our boxes and packaging page.

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