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The Moving Countdown

At Extra Room we deal with people moving house every day. Whether you need a removal service, van hire, boxes & packaging materials, tradesmen, or just general moving advice please contact us we’re here to help.

Unfortunately there’s no magic formula for stress free house moving but here are a few moving home tips to help you along the way……

Tips for moving house

Four Weeks to Go

This is a good time to consider whether you might want to hire a self storage unit. This may be because you will be between homes for a while. Alternatively, more and more people are phasing their house move by putting some items into storage in advance of their move. This helps clear boxes out of the way as you pack. It also means there’s less to move on the big day and can create more space in your new home if you want to clean and redecorate when you first move in.

  • Call us or better still visit us, for advice and to find out what space you may need for storage
  • Contact us for advice on reputable local removal companies, “Man and Van” outfits and van hire companies that we trust and have worked with for many years
  • Order your packaging materials. To save you time, Extra Room offers FREE delivery to Nuneaton, Hinckley, Tamworth and Atherstone postal addresses
  • Start to pack any non essential items such as out-of-season clothing, together with your best china, glassware, and ornaments. Mark the contents clearly on the side and top of the boxes so that details can still be seen when the boxes are stacked
  • Clear out your loft, garage and shed if you have one
  • Be ruthless – Take the opportunity to have a really good clear out of the things you don’t need. It will mean you have less to move and less to store saving you time and money. More than this however, it will give you a new start to a more spacious, decluttered life in your new home. See our useful links page for some ideas for recycling your unwanted things.
  • Keep all correspondence from your estate agent, your solicitor and the removals company safely together for easy reference

Two Weeks to Go

  • Let your internet and television providers know as soon as possible that you are moving to ensure you are not penalised for cancelling / changing your account
  • Contact your utility companies to inform them of your impending move
  • Notify your insurers, house and car, etc, and make any necessary amendments. Check whether your current house insurers will cover your contents whilst in storage. If they will not Extra Room can arrange comprehensive storage insurance for you
  • Arrange for your post to be redirected. See useful links to do this online
  • Advise your friends and family of your new address and the date of your move
  • Start running down food stocks in your freezer
  • Begin packing anything that you won’t need on a daily basis. You should aim to leave only the daily essentials to the end
  • Think about arranging someone to look after your children and pets during the move

One Week to Go

  • Keep packing!
  • Double check the booking you have made with your removal firm or van hire company
  • Keep in touch with your estate agent and solicitor to confirm that your moving date is on schedule
  • Notify anyone who sends you important mail of your new address. For example:
    • Banks and credit / store card companies
    • Driving licence and DVLA for any vehicles. See useful links to do this online
    • TV licence. See useful links to do this online
    • Telephone providers
    • Local council (current and new)
  • Only shop for essential food items. Plan your meals to use up existing food stocks. Fridges and freezers need time to let the gases settle at the new property before they can be switched on

One Day to Go

  • Prepare a moving day ‘survival kit’ containing your essentials, such as a kettle, mugs, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, teaspoons, sandwiches, snacks, washing-up liquid, toilet paper, tea towels etc.
  • Pack all your valuables together (such as jewellery) and carry them securely with you
  • Keep the file containing all valuable documents relating to the move with you at all times in case you need to refer to them
  • Advise the telephone company of the time you want your telephone disconnecting (or the number transferring, if you’re keeping it)
  • Defrost the freezer and fridge
  • Empty, disconnect and drain pipes of your dishwasher and washing machine. Secure the drum with travel brackets if available
  • Move packed boxes into a suitable room downstairs
  • Make sure you have cash and credit cards available for unforeseen circumstances
  • Keep your vacuum cleaner, dusters, polish, etc, unpacked for that last once-over

The Big Day

  • Everything should start happening as you planned but you need to check that your sale and purchase are complete before the final steps
  • Telephone the gas, electric and water companies to give them your final meter readings
  • When you finally come to leave, go round your home – including garage, sheds and garden – and make sure you’ve got everything

Happy Moving!

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