7 Good Reasons to use Household Storage

May 21, 2018 by Mark Simpson

Household Self Storage Unit

The need for more storage space in the home is on many a ‘wish list’. Moving into a new spacious home seems great to start with, but it’s not long before we fill shelves, cupboards and spare bedrooms. Its not just indoors either where extra space is often needed. Think of all those garden sheds and garages that soon become filled to the rafters!

If this sounds familiar, take heart, because there is a way you can claim back space without splashing out on a new home, garden shed or extension. What’s more, you don’t have to part with your possessions. Self storage to the rescue! We explain here how household storage can help with all your storage woes.

1. Seasonal household storage

There are certain things that aren’t needed all year round. Garden furniture and gardening equipment, bicycles (if you’re a fair-weather cyclist!), suitcases, bulky winter clothing, Christmas decorations being just a few examples.

They all take up space, so rather than cramming full the garage or shed so that it resembles some sort of assault course, consider a secure self storage unit.

Your equipment can be easily and safely accommodated in your own lockable unit for as long as you need. This means if your property has a garage, you can hopefully make space to park your car in it! Think, no more ice scraping during the cold winter months!

2. Renovation and DIY work

More and more customers are realising the benefits of using a storage service during renovation or DIY projects. Having a clear space to work in is so much easier, helping you or your builder to work faster and more efficiently. You also don’t have to worry about protecting furniture and other items, or have the inconvenience of shuffling them from one room to another. No more fretting about paint splashes either!

3. Temporary storage during a house move

Moving to a new home is very often an exciting prospect, but it is also notoriously stressful. Some people sell their properties and decide to rent as an interim measure to give them time to find their perfect home. Using storage services for this purpose can be really helpful, especially if the rental property is already furnished, or not large enough to accommodate all your possessions. It also means that many boxes don’t have to unpacked and packed again when you eventually buy and move into your new home.

Alternatively, more and more people take advantage of self storage to help phase their house move. Putting things into storage as you pack and taking them out of storage when you’ve moved can really help to alleviate some of the stress of house moving. Chances are you might want to do some decorating to put your own personal stamp on your new home as well. Leaving your goods in storage until the work is completed can make life a lot easier. You can collect and unpack at a pace to suit you.

4. The mother-in-law has moved in!

Okay, it could be any family member but we couldn’t resist mentioning ‘the mother-in-law’. If a relative comes to live with you, it’s likely that they will have moved out of their own property. Even if you have the luxury of an annex, then it’s highly likely that there isn’t enough space to accommodate your family member’s possessions.

This can be an emotional time for them and parting with things they hold dear can be upsetting, especially if it happens suddenly. By using household storage, it buys you time to gradually help your relative sort out his or her possessions.

5. Hobbies, interests and past-times

Some hobbies, collections and interests require storage space. While certain people in the home may be passionate about their collections, or hobby, for others it can be a nightmare. After all, not everyone wants a lifetime collection of toy cars in the bedroom, or piles of knitting wool more akin to a small flock of sheep crammed in every available wardrobe. Very often these items can be stored elsewhere, while still being accessible. Think about the harmony it could bring to the home; everyone’s a winner!

6. The kids are growing up and their kit is growing too

From babies to teenagers, children change all the time and so does the gear they either need or collect over the years. Self storage can prove a salvation for families with children. If you haven’t finished with the pitter patter of tiny feet, then you may want to store toys and baby equipment until it is needed again. Similarly, students living away notoriously collect a lot of kit. When they descend on the family home during summer holidays, you may want to consider student self storage as a temporary solution.

7. Family inheritance

If you inherit family heirlooms, or other items of sentimental value, you may find that you don’t necessarily want to display them in your home, but don’t want to part with them either. If space is a problem, then pack them carefully and place them into secure self storage. You have your own key and you are free to come and go as you please, meaning that items you hold dear maybe out of sight, but certainly aren’t out of reach. Self storage can also be a valuable resource to buy time to make decisions on what to do with certain items.

To find out more about household storage, please get in touch with Extra Room Self Storage. We are ideally located for households looking for storage in Tamworth, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Hinckley and surrounding areas.

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