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5 Ways Self Storage Can Help You Relax This Summer

Summer Self Storage

Self storage can really help you get the best out of the seasons, from generating extra storage space at your own property, to providing a safe and secure haven for your valuable, most treasured possessions.

Here’s more about how self storage is helping some of our customers this summer:

1. Keeping Valuables Safe While on Holiday

An increasing number of customers are gaining ‘additional peace of mind’ by placing some of their valuables into secure storage while they are on holiday. Facilities such as those provided by Extra Room Self Storage have sophisticated CCTV surveillance and alarm systems.

Burglars prey on empty homes, especially during the height of the holiday season, even those with alarm systems. They watch people’s everyday habits. It is worth having a plan in place to deter such crime, or even get a house-sitter so the home is always occupied.

Placing valuable or sentimental items into secure self storage while on holiday gives greater reassurance, and more opportunity to relax with that well-deserved pina colada!

2. Storing Equipment for Sports, Leisure & Hobbies

Summer is a time when most of us like to get outside and make the most of the great outdoors. So, if you only use the treadmill or exercise bike in the winter and find it’s just getting in the way, then why not consider putting it into storage until you want to use it again?

This can apply to a whole range of sports equipment and materials used for seasonal hobbies. We store everything from surfboards, bikes, and camping equipment to diving equipment, canoes, and fishing gear.

Get in touch today and get some space back in your home and make life a little easier and more organised with a self storage unit.

3. Storing Bulky Winter Clothing

Winter clothing is notoriously bulky to accommodate in wardrobes and drawers. They take up a lot of room and all too often, mean that summer clothing is crammed tightly into any leftover space.

Delicate fabrics are prone to creasing and yes, that does very often mean more ironing! It also makes finding that elusive garment even more difficult. So why not send your winter clothes off on holiday to storage and create yourself a whole lot more storage space for your lightweight clothes.

We have over 20 different sizes of storage rooms starting from the size of a wardrobe. Storage rooms are humidity and temperature-controlled, making them ideal for clothes storage.

We can provide shelving for your room should it be helpful and access to your things is available 365 days a year.

4. Making Space for Summer DIY or Refurbishment Projects

The summer months are popular for painting and decorating, as well as refurbishment projects, for both our domestic and business storage customers.

It is always easier if premises are cleared of furniture and equipment when it comes to painting, wallpapering, and any other refurbishment tasks. The additional ‘clear space’ is better to work in, and more importantly, it removes the risk of damage to furniture and other items.

If you have a project in the pipeline, why not reserve one of our self storage rooms for your furniture or equipment?

We offer secure storage units in a wide range of sizes for both short and long-term self storage, with flexible terms which means you can upsize and downsize as you please, or reduce/extend the length of time you store with us.

We can help with any transportation requirements you may have too, whether you are looking for household storage or business storage.

5. Getting Ready for Christmas!

Before you cringe and shout ‘but it’s still the summer’, bear with us on this one! You see, we do have customers who are already using self storage in preparation for Christmas. Why? Well, they are mainly customers such as retailers gearing up seasonal stock levels for the busy trading period. Similarly, we store for e-tailers and many businesses working from home.

But don’t rule out how helpful self storage can be to private individuals for such occasions. If you like to get prepared early for the festive season and want to hide those bulky toys for the children and other family members, then having your own ‘secret’ self storage room to hideaway gifts could be a solution!

If you would like to know more about how Extra Room Self Storage could help you this summer, please check out our space estimator, contact us for more information or click here to request a quotation.