Self Storage for Narrowboaters

March 20, 2018 by Mark Simpson

Self storage for narrowboaters near Nuneaton, Tamworth & Hinckley

You may love your narrowboat and life on the water, but do you ever dream of having a little extra space? Storage space (or lack of it, to be precise!) is one challenge we hear about regularly from the narrowboat community.

Our purpose built storage facility is ideally located in Fenny Drayton between the Ashby Canal and Coventry Canal. This gives easy access to marinas and moorings from Hinckley, Stoke Golding, Market Bosworth and Measham on the Ashby Canal to Nuneaton, Atherstone and Tamworth on the Coventry Canal.

We are an established, family business providing a personal, helpful service. As well as secure, affordable storage rooms we can also take deliveries on your behalf which many boaters find helpful.

Why self-storage?

In the absence of a garage or garden shed, self-storage is the ideal alternative if you live or spend long periods of time on a narrowboat.

Self-storage provides a safe place for you to keep possessions that are not needed on a regular basis, such as seasonal items; it also gives you the space to store belongings that have sentimental value, which simply can’t be squeezed on to your narrowboat!

So, while you are cruising the canals, you have the peace of mind that your goods are safe and sound on dry land, ready for you to access when you are next moored close by, or back in the area.

We are told by our many narrowboat clients, that the system works perfectly – even better than having their own garage.

About our secure storage facilities

We offer immaculately clean, temperature and humidity controlled private, indoor storage rooms.

We have giant lockers and storage rooms that are available in over 20 different sizes. Storage rooms start from the size of a phone box and go right up to the size of a double garage and beyond.

You have your own lock and key, and with the ability to access 365 days a year, you are free to come and go as you please.

Our storage rooms have a PIN code entry system, and are all individually alarmed. In fact, our site has 24 hr CCTV surveillance too with an alarm system that’s linked to the emergency services.

This means that while you’re enjoying beautiful waterway scenery, you won’t have to worry about the security of your possessions.

What to store?

Some clients choose to rent a small room for storing seasonal possessions, such as summer / winter clothing, or Christmas decorations and personal memorabilia.

Many clients have downsized to a narrowboat from a house. The contents of a house don’t fit onto a narrowboat! Self storage buys people time to sort through possessions and make decisions on what they really want to keep hold of.

We also have narrowboat clients come to us for storage when their boats need a refit.

Flexible storage terms

With Extra Room Self Storage, you have flexibility to upsize or downsize your storage room as you need. There are no minimum or maximum rental periods, so you have the freedom to store for as long (or short) as you wish.

Acceptance of deliveries

Unfortunately, Royal Mail and Amazon don’t usually deliver to the canal banks especially if you’re on the move! At Extra Room Self Storage we can accept deliveries for you. Deliveries can then be put into your storage room or a holding room and we will e-mail or text you to let you know.

All aboard – we are perfectly placed to help

Whilst we are located on dry land in Fenny Drayton, our storage near Nuneaton, Hinckley & Tamworth couldn’t be better located and is a perfect solution for boaters.

As a family business, we provide a personal service and there is always a friendly, helpful face on site, or on the telephone, to assist with any requirements or queries you may have.

Please click here if you would like an online quote for storage. Better still call us and we can advise on the right size storage room for your requirements or visit us and see the store for yourself.

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